Friday, March 21, 2008

Cubs Destroy Coaches Car, Buy Him New One

Obviously this isn't Yankee related, but I thought it was funny, and that you might be interested. It does involve a former Yankee, though.

Tim Buss is the strength and condition coach of the Cubs, and he drives a 1995 Nissan Sentra. At least he did up until this week when members of the Chicago Cubs pitching staff took a sledgehammer to it. " The car windows all had been smashed in, the front, back and sides all were severely dented and the smoking guns—a couple of baseball bats and balls—were strategically placed in the windshield." Here, take a look:

From Paul Sullivan:

When the Cubs began practice in the morning, Aramis Ramirez pointed to a wrecked '95 Nissan Sentra near the Cubs bullpen and asked: "Hey 'Bussy,' what's your car doing on the ramp?"

Buss looked over at the wreck and replied: "That's not my car."

But then Buss did a double take.

"Dude," he said to Ramirez. "That's my car!"

"I figured (Jon) Lieber, (Kerry) Wood immediately, (Ryan) Dempster …" he said. "Then I realized it was every pitcher we have."

The Cubs players played dumb while Buss silently fumed and wondered how he was going to tell his wife, who was the actual owner of the car.

"It's a shame," Lieber said with a straight face. "What kind of person would do something like that? It really just shocks me. I'm sure she'll understand."
After the workout, Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster told Buss to "quit pouting" and brought him outside to see the real surprise; a brand new 2008 Nissan Xterra that the players had purchased for their coach. A gesture that nearly brought Buss to tears.

``It was unbelievable," said Buss. "When something like that happens, you realize how good people are.’’

"They're great guys."

Buss also said the players have volunteered to autograph what’s left of the car, "which still rolls, might still run, has no windows, and has a rolled-up trunk lid, a hole in the roof, a bumper in the back seat and doors tied shut, including one with the seat belt,"and auction it off for charity.


Anonymous said...

Though it was a nice gesture to buy him a brand new was also pathetic to destroy the other car. They could of donated the car to someone whom needed it...selfish sob's.

Greg Cohen said...

Oh I forgot to add that.... The Cubs have offered to autograph the wreck and auction it off for charity.

Anonymous said...

Even if they auction it off..why destroy it? It makes no sense but I guess some idiot will buy it because it's autographed.

Greg Cohen said...

The destroyed it as part of the prank.

But yes, someone will buy it, and probably pay more than the car was actually worth, so in the end more money should go to charity.