Friday, March 27, 2009

YANKEELAND: In the Shadow of the Stadium

This looks pretty cool. It's a new documentary about Yankee Stadium and the surrounding neighborhood. Its called "YANKEELAND: In the Shadow of the Stadium."

Here's the description of the film from its website.
The last game at the Old Yankee Stadium was played on September 22, 2008. Over the course of the final season there, fans came to pay their last respects to The Big Ball Orchard in the Bronx.

The Yankees have played in the neighborhood for over 80 years. During much of that time, it has been one of the nation's poorest congressional districts. Few locals have become rich off the team, despite its wealth and storied tradition.

But many make a living working in the shadow of the stadium. Some scalp tickets. Some sell sports memorabilia. Others run bars or restaurants or coach neighborhood little league teams.

Most of them are Yankee fans. All of them have an opinion on the new stadium and what it means to the neighborhood that has experienced decades of turmoil and struggle, as well as dozens of world championship baseball teams.

Yankee land is the story of the people who live and work around the old ballpark and the fans who visit it.
And here's an article about the film from The producers hope to release the film this spring.


Anonymous said...

This looks hot.

Margo said...

That's dope, can't wait to see that

Scotty B said...

WOWOWOW looks amazing. I love shit like that, I could watch that all day long.