Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No problem, No punishment, More Mo

Incase you missed it last night, when Mo came into the game, it appeared he hocked a loogey on the baseball and right away there was immediate up-roar. I was actually kind of shocked that McBuck(McCarver and Buck) didn't go down to the field to tattle. After looking at the video on youtube I thought, "hey it hit the ground, theres no foul play there" then waited for the judgement call from the MLB.

Well its official and you can check out Ken Daividoff's quick read here.

Here's more from Greg: I actually was typing this up the same time Durden was so we figured we'd just combine the two posts....... Apparently there was a minor controversy over this video showing Rivera spitting while holding the baseball.

Yankee haters rejoiced claiming this was evidence that Mo cheated. Well, MLB doesn't agree. "From the available video and still pictures that we have, there's no evidence that Rivera spit on the ball," a spokesman for the commissioner's office told the media today.

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