Friday, August 3, 2012

Cashman Says The Roster Is Just Fine

From Pete Caldera:
Amid the executive offices at Yankee Stadium, there were no pangs of remorse as the non-waiver trade deadline passed.

The Yankees’ motivation to add a prime player could be summed up in a few words.

"Only if it fell into our lap," said general manager Brian Cashman, asserting the stance that valuable prospects in the low minors and millions of dollars were not a suitable price for a rental.


"I believe we’re a championship-caliber club," Cashman said by phone Thursday, on the eve of a three-game home series against the Seattle Mariners. "I also know we’ve got our work cut out. There’s still work to be done, but we deserve to be in the race.

"We just have to play good baseball and be consistent the rest of the way. We want to win the division like everyone else does, with the way the wild card is set up."


"I think we have enough, collectively between our hitting and our pitching to win in October," said Cashman, whose two late July deals were for offense – acquiring veteran outfielder Ichiro Suzuki and right-handed hitting corner infielder Casey McGehee.
Typical Cashman here. He's never really be one to say the team wasn't good enough, and I suppose it's good that he's not starting now. Still, don't be surprised if Cash still has a trick or two up his sleeve, especially if the team struggles during this rough August stretch that's ahead of them.

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