Thursday, August 2, 2012

Phillies Place Cliff Lee on Waivers
Here's more from MLB Trade Rumors:
The Phillies were expected to waive Lee this month, when waivers are revocable. Teams routinely place high-profile players on waivers in August to determine other teams' interest...

Teams have two business days to claim players off of waivers, which suggests Lee hit the waiver wire yesterday, when the August waiver period opened. If Lee clears waivers, the Phillies might be able to trade him. Lee can block trades to 21 teams including the Diamondbacks. The Yankees, Braves and Marlins are not on his no-trade list, however.
The money owed to Lee is crazy over the remainder of his contract -- he's making $21.5MM this year, and with get $25MM a year from 2013-15, along with a $27.5MM vesting option ($12.5MM buyout) in 2016.

A couple weeks ago I wanted nothing to do with Lee and for the most part I still feel the same way. But with the Yankees being one of the teams he can be traded to, their recent struggles and tough month of August ahead of them, I felt it was at least worth passing this info along.

If Lee clears waivers, and he probably will, don't be surprised to start reading reports that the Yankees are at least interested. Also, with Philly clearly wanting to get rid of that contract maybe the price tag won't be as high as some would have expected.

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