Thursday, February 12, 2009

Obstructed Views At the New Stadium?

Back in August I posted this picture from the 3D seating chart of the new stadium. It shows how the restaurant in center will obstruct the view on many people sitting on either side of it.

According to people close to the project, the restaurant will "only" obstruct the view of about 300 people. But don't worry folks, they're placing TVs on those walls so people can watch what they're missing in real life. Everyone just loves going to a game to end up watching half of it on TV.

But apparently this isn't the only obstruction fans at the new stadium will have to deal with. Ross from New Stadium Insider sent me this link, along with this photo of the latest obstruction to come to light.

According to Ross, the photo comes from NYY Fans' Mastermind. Ross has more info over on his blog, including some very disturbing comments from Mastermind about these support columns. Apparently, they're all over the main level of the stadium, and yes, they do obstruct the view of many seats. For more info, go check out New Stadium Insider.

So not only do 300 bleacher creatures have to miss half the game, but there are visible support polls around the main level of the stadium to obstruct our view, and all for just $1.3 billion.

This is disgraceful.


Anonymous said...

Thats a sucky few.

Mike B. said...

Hard to believe.


Bentton said...

maybe if they wanted to really re-create the '23 stadium, they shoulda made the outfield in that way. maybe it's me, but the 4 train should get some type of honest view into the stadium too. disgaceful, i must say!

Anonymous said...

Yeah that sucks, A lot of new stadiums have seating like that. I know Phillies Citzen Bank ballpark have some obstructed views.

You would think they could construct the new stadiums with out obstructed sightlines.

The bleacher are only a $12 ticket so that isn't that bad kind of like those seats on green monster on fenway. But that 2nd obstruction looks like is it a pretty expensive seat.

rpb said...

Again, thanks for your pics and web site.

I'm not going to get back on my soap box but there are many other sections where the views are either obstructed (i.e., section 135 rows 12 -23; section 104 rows 23 - 27 - bleacher wall blocks centerfield) and poor site lines i.e., sections 305, 405 can't see part of the outfield or warning track, especially from rear seats).

Again, 1.3 billion and they can't get it right. Put a steel column in front of the Boss's suite and see if Hank/Hal likes it

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Chill , those are a few seats. Learn to live with architectural limitations.

Greg Cohen said...

"architectural limitations"?

There are 40-year-old stadiums that don't have visible support columns. And why did they need a restaurant in center? Citi field doesn't have anything like that. A lot of new ballparks don't have that.

These obstructions were avoidable.

Anonymous said...

There are other bad seats too down the lines in the back rows of the field level where there are wheelchair platforms that jut out and cut off homeplate views.

I can understand setting back the upper deck if your going to have NO obstructed views. But if your going to have obstructed views anyway, then fuck it, use posts and move those cheap seats in a lot closer.

HOK sucks it. Don't get me started on how they got cheap on the frieze. The original frieze (and end details!) were a work of art, the new one is like a plastic chinese knock off.

They can tear that restaurant out. I've done some drawings how they can have a restaurant, good views, a much better monument park - which Im sorry to say looks like its going to suck also.

Im sorry you got this started. everyone is excited to see the new stadium, and there are some great parts to it - the hall and the main deck. but these other things were avoidable, but HOK is horrible and yankee owners didnt care enough.

Anonymous said...

Well, it definitely sucks, but there are not these columns "all over the stadium". There are about 4 or 5 of them in the left field corner only of the second deck. That's it. There are no other obstructive columns.

This [i]might[/i] impact 10 seats, if that. The tickets will be sold as obstructed view, potentially cheaper, but either way you'll know going in what the situation is.

With all the standing room, people will buy the obstructed view tickets with the idea of milling around the place anyway.

And I'm suspicious that there are much more obstructed seats beyond the occasional one. If it turns out to be a problem, they can either remove these seats or sell them at a discounted price.

The point is, you're not going to buy a ticket only to find out that you have an obstructed view.

Yes, I agree it's LUDRICOUS that they would construct a stadium that has any significant obstruction in view, however this is not nearly the issue that some people might want it to be. Besides the bleacher seats, I'd venture there's no more than a dozen seats in the entire stadium that will be significantly obstructed in any way.

rpb said...


You never cease to amaze me.

Let me get this straight, you are defending HOK for designing and the Yankees brass for agreeing that it's OK to move the grandstand upper deck seats (the seats most fans can afford) further away from the action, privide poor site lines, and for our bleacher friends, let's hide half the outfield from view. The steel columns were thrown in for main level fans to show we can spread the pain around. All for 1.3 billion dollars.

I'm wondering if the Yankees don't really care if your seat sucks. It appears they want you to spend your hard earned money at the gate, then because you can't see,at the Hard Rock or martini bar and watch the game on TV.

You can't be serious defending this design. There is no excuse for such poor planning and execution of a design. Its simply greed over fans and greed won. It tells you what the Yankees think about their fan base.

Let Hal, Hank, Levine and Trost and the other morons who approved and are so proud of this design sit in these obstructed view seats. Thats the problem, they never sat anywhere in any ballpark but in a suite.

Better yet, put the Boss's Suite in the left field bleachers and let the 300 or so bleacher fans you can't see the game sit in the section now reserved for the Boss's suite.

Greg, your right! Dodger Stadium, now one of the oldest ballparks has no obstructed views and great site lines. I've sat in every deck and the bleachers and its still a great place to watch a game live (don't need a TV to see the field).

As I've said before, when the dust settles, Citifield will be considered a better ballpark for the average fan to watch a game than Yankee stadium. Martini bars and Italian marble counterops are not what I go to a stadium for.



Anonymous said...

I can assure you there are more than a few beams along the leftfield line. And the disabled seating is also a major problem for viewing

Anonymous said...

Well atleast its not Citi field they have more obstuctive views in there Promenade section

Greg Cohen said...

I just posted a few new pictures, at the end of the post there is a picture where you can see how many beams there actually are, or at least get a good idea of how many there are.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the bottom picture from the 2/13 pics, you can see the beams running along the second deck. It looks like the beams start behind the seats in foul territory, and then they gradually go into the seating area. From that picture, it really doesn't seem like there will be obstucted views in too many seats. The seats that move closer to center field won't be obstucted at all. It looks like the beams are situated at the very back rows of seats.

rpb said...

The real point is that for 1.3 billion dollars, no seats, not one single seat in any section, at any price should have an obstructed view or poor site lines. You should not have to pay good money to go to the stadium and watch the game on TV.

Looking at that last picture and the section behind the foul pole illustrates the problem with the handicap seating platforms as well as the steel column. The main level seats would have to look around the column to see a play in leftcenter or center field.

I think the HOK design was probaly for a stadium of about 45,000 seats. With the additional 7,000 to 8,000 seats to this design it forced HOK and the Yankees to add rows in the main level in right/left field (thus blocking part of right/left field and the warning track). As well as additional rows in the rear of the main and field levels and the problem with the hadicap platforms and steel columns. You could probably add to that count a few rows of box seats in the terrace level which obstruct views in fair territory in both right and left for the grandstand seats behind them.

Goes to show you the cookie cutter approach HOK has taken over the years.

Again, the average fan deserves better.

Anonymous said...

wow, that's pathetic. But then again, I hate the yankees and all of their fans so, screw them. Pay lots for your obstructed seats. Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

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